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Jessica Wesley


Shauna Darbyshire


"They helped me find a good safe place for my husband. In a situation where I couldn’t personally check out the facility because of the virus quarantine, I felt confident in her recommendation of the care facility I chose."

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- Amanda S.

About Your Local Louisville Advisors

In 2015, Jessica and Shauna began working together in senior housing. Jessica was an Executive Director, and Shauna was the Director of Wellness. While their roles were somewhat different, their compassion and dedication to older adults aligned perfectly. The two of them shared a unique approach to the residents in their community; they loved them like their own family.  Their wholehearted approach to caring for residents spilled over to others, creating an unmatched workplace culture of caring, not just about the residents but also their families. 

Jessica's passion for older adults began with her Mamaw Edna. Growing up, Jessica spent countless hours with Edna. During their time together, Jessica clung to the wisdom and love her mamaw shared and discovered her calling to helping seniors.  "Mamaw Edna always welcomed everyone in her home, and it didn't matter if you were an ex in-law, a friend of a friend, or just someone needing a helping hand. I watched her show kindness and love to everyone. Even in tough circumstances, her compassion and understanding for people shined. Seeing her genuinely and open-heartedly love people, I adopted the same mindset." said Jessica. Throughout her career in senior living, Jessica is known as "the person who loves everybody." Over the years, seniors, family members, and co-workers have felt the loving, empathic, and compassionate culture Jessica has carried on from her Mamaw Edna. The name Sedna is in honor of Edna. Sedna serves as a reminder that each person we help is Somebody's Edna.  

Jessica has also been on the other side of the equation. In 2013 her mother was diagnosed with a brain injury that resulted in memory loss. After several years of having her aunt care for her mother, Jessica faced the same dilemma many families face. Her mother's care needs had increased, and she needed more supervision. "Transitioning my mother was demanding and highly emotional, ultimately our roles changed. I became the parent, and I had to make all the difficult decisions while looking out for her best interest. I knew the senior healthcare industry inside and out, and the weight of the choices and decisions that I had to make was overwhelming.  Our mission at Sedna is to use our personal and professional experience in senior living to partner with families so they can understand all their options and make the best choices for their loved ones. 

Much like Jessica's passion for older adults, Shauna's influence came from spending every summer with her grandparents.  Shauna's grandmother, Mary, took great pride in parading her to her book club, card club, and American Legion meetings. Mary led a very social lifestyle where she was involved in community organizations and volunteered. When Shauna came to visit for the summer, Mary's lifestyle stayed the same, except for one thing, she'd bring Shauna along. "Looking back, I realize how instrumental those summer visits were in shaping my life story. My grandmother Mary showed me the importance of being involved in your community. Her commitment to what she was involved in stayed consistent, even when her circumstances changed. She didn't just have me tag along; she included me. I had a seat at the table wherever she went." Mary's inclusion of Shauna left a lasting impression on Shauna's leadership style. Everyone who works with Shauna has a seat at the table.

Over the years, Jessica and Shauna have both extended their leadership roles in senior housing. During Jessica's senior housing career, she has been a Regional Vice President of Operations, Senior Vice President of Operations, and Chief Strategy Officer.  In addition to her role as Director of Wellness, Shauna's nursing background has landed her roles as an Executive Director, Regional Director of Sales, and Regional Director of Operations. With leadership expertise in senior housing, it's no surprise that the two of them teamed up to form Sedna to help older adults and their families navigate the complex senior housing world. "We know that it's challenging to transition your loved one to senior living. The transition is a highly emotional process, and it isn't easy to choose a community with so many choices available. Selecting a senior living community is difficult because it's not a common topic: you need to know which questions to ask and understand the differences between communities. We will use our background in the industry to help you every step of the way.   We help you get it right the first time and advocate to ensure your loved one receives the care and compassion they deserve." 

You don't have to do it alone. We are here to help at no cost to you! 

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