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Independent Living Communities:  Simplifying life with an easy-to-maintain apartment or a home within a community setting.  As the name implies, independent living is just that, the ability to maintain one’s residence and lifestyle. Still, it often includes tasks such as weekly cleaning and providing daily meals.  


Assisted Living Communities: Provide help taking care of oneself on a wide scale based on individual needs in a dignified living environment.  Clients will receive assistance with everyday tasks in a residential community.  We like to emphasize an Assisted Living philosophy that honors the client’s independence.  “We will help you take care of yourself” over “We will take care of you.”  Assisted Living Communities emphasize a social setting.  


Personal Care Communities:  Provide additional assistance beyond Assisted Living.  Personal Care communities offer nursing oversight and are responsible for health care management while still emphasizing a social setting.  Clients that would benefit from medication management would benefit from Personal Care Communities.  


Memory Care Communities:  A residential setting explicitly designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Memory Care is often part of a greater community.  Memory Care Communities focus on the resident’s safety and offer specialized care and programming that benefit clients with dementia.  These communities should require their staff to receive continuing education focused on caring for clients with dementia.  


Respite Care Services:  Refers to a short-term stay, less than 30 days.  Sedna knows the peace of mind Respite Care can provide.  Whether our client needs extra help recovering from an illness or surgery or even allowing the caregiver to take a vacation, Respite Care is an option when a client is seeking less than a 30-day stay at a senior living community.  

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